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gaurav singh
Gaurav Singh

Hi I'm Gaurav Singh India based Photographer & Graphic designer  specializing in photography, graphic design, and photo manipulations. Always on the look out for creative stuffs serving as my daily dose of inspiration.

My dynamic personality and an extrovert nature have manoeuvre me to outreach those areas of avenues which helps me to enhance my multidimensional skills. Since the childhood my focus has been to learn and understand the edges of different prospects be it in the field of arts, music, dance, sciences, culture and much more. Being a Socially active person, My bonding with friends and folks, their experiences & teachings have taught me to become a better and more polished human being. My friends believe that I'm a happy go lucky personality who handles all matters tactfully and be unperturbed & keep cool in the worst of situations.
By having a strong educational background I also had to make efforts in fulfilling my academic dreams and keeping up to my parent's expectations and therefore have tried my best to pull up my grades and maintain my name in merit during the school & college times. However this has never stopped me to attain laurels in sports.

"My Passion is to move my Ideas from good to great and from perceptive tweaks to dramatic transformations."

Take a glance over the portfolio section. There you will find examples of my creative portfolio: LIGHTING, COLOR CORRECTION, RETOUCHING, PHOTO MANIPULATION, IMAGE EDITING, PHOTOGRAPHY & Much more.